If you are a keen angler, then the fishing opportunities in Scotland can only be described as phenomenal. There is great fresh and saltwater sport to be had on rod and line. There are wonderful remote lochs to explore, which are home to some magnificent wild Brown trout and Arctic char. There is also some excellent pike fishing to experience, with fish caught on the fly weighing in excess of twenty pounds. In many Scottish rivers, there is also a healthy population of Grayling, which can provide great sport on light tackle.

When it comes to sea fishing in Scotland, the opportunities are endless. You can fish from Scotland’s dramatic shoreline or a beautiful remote sandy beach, catching a variety of species including Cod, Mackerel and Sea bass. Why not charter a boat and fish for the legendary Scottish Common Skate? The Common Skate can weigh in excess of two hundred pounds and will give you a back-breaking fight that will test your physical fitness as much as your mental toughness!

Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland can design your fishing holiday, to incorporate whichever species you may want to target. As well as salmon fishing, several of our guides are also very experienced in wild Brown trout, Pike and Grayling fishing. We also have a number of selected partners who specialise in sea fishing charters. Below are some examples of the other fishing opportunities Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland can offer you, during your visit to Scotland.

Other Fishing

Pike Fishing

The Pike is one of the most ferocious predators, which inhabit Scotland’s waterways. They can be very aggressive and takes can only be described as being “explosive”. There are an abundance of lochs in Scotland where Pike can be caught from. Many of these lochs are set in some of the most stunning locations in the country. Pike up to twenty pounds can be regularly caught.

We are able to offer the choice of either bank or boat fishing for Pike using a variety of methods including fly-fishing, spinning and bait fishing. Fly-fishing for Pike is becoming ever more popular in Scotland amongst anglers and this is mainly because of the aggressive nature of the fish.

Traditionally, the Pike fishing season extends from October through to mid-March. Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland offers guided Pike fishing trips. Our experienced guides will choose the most productive location available, taking weather and water conditions into account, so that you can enjoy some unforgettable sport. The Pike is one of the hardest fighting predators in Scottish waters so why not do battle with it?

Other Fishing

Grayling Fishing

The Grayling is not native to Scottish waters but was first introduced to Scotland in the mid-1800s. Grayling is one of the most beautiful and prized game fish of them all. Known as the “lady of the stream” for it’s majestic appearance, the Grayling can be found in many of Scotland’s rivers. Their large and unmistakable dorsal fin makes them a powerful quarry to target. Hard fighting Grayling up to two pounds are regularly caught on the fly rod. On light tackle, this offers anglers some excellent sport.

Many of the rivers in central and southern Scotland have a good head of Grayling. These rivers include the Tay, Tweed, Annan, Clyde and Nith. The prime time for Grayling fishing is between late October and February. A cold, frosty morning often makes for the perfect Grayling fishing conditions. Grayling regularly shoal in large numbers and so once located, the sport can be fast and furious.

Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland can offer you guided Grayling fishing on some of Scotland’s most prolific streams and rivers, ensuring that you will have a day to remember on the riverbank.

Other Fishing

Wild Brown Trout Fishing

From the world famous limestone lochs in the Highlands to the large and dramatic reservoirs in the south of the country, Scotland is famed for its wild Brown trout fishing. People visit Scotland from all over the world to fish for trout. Brown trout are found in abundance across the country and are caught from the rivers and lochs, situated in some of the most unspoilt locations in the world. Most of the country’s waterways have a healthy population of hard fighting wild Brown trout.

Whether you want to fish for trout on some of the most beautiful and remote hill lochs in the Scottish Highlands, where you will experience a unique blend of fast and frenetic sport coupled with jaw dropping scenery or explore a crystal-clear mountain stream, stalking your quarry, we can accommodate all your trout fishing needs. Our experienced fishing guides can take you to an unspoilt wilderness, where the stresses of everyday life will be quickly forgotten so that you can experience your Scottish trout fishing paradise.

We also have access to some private, exclusive trout lochs across the country. These offer the trout fishing connoisseur the opportunity of catching wild Brown trout in excess of eight pounds. The crystal-clear waters makes the fishing a challenge but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Other Fishing

Sea Fishing

Mainland Scotland is surrounded by over 6000 miles of beautiful, rugged coastline. It has the longest coastline of any country in the UK. It is therefore unsurprising that the sea fishing opportunities in Scotland are bountiful. There are a great array of species, which can be targeted from the coastline or in a boat. Cod, Pollock, Mackerel and Sea Bass can all be caught from Scottish waters. If you are looking to target bigger species like shark or Common Skate, you will also not be disappointed. Whether you want to fish from a remote golden sandy beach on the west coast or prefer to do battle with the Common Skate in the Sound of Mull, Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland can design a sea fishing excursion to suit your requirements. We have a number of excellent partners across Scotland who offer guided sea fishing trips, so you can experience at first-hand what lurks in the sea around Scotland’s coastline!