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    SFHS have developed the Ultimate Scottish Salmon Fishing Challenge,
    which rivals the famous "Macnab" in every way. The SFHS "Big 4 in 4", gives
    you the unique opportunity to fish on each of Scotland's world famous "big four"
    salmon rivers, the River Dee, Spey, Tay and Tweed on four consecutive days.

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What is The Big 4 In 4?

The world famous ''Macnab'' challenge, namely to stalk a Red Deer, shoot a brace of Grouse and catch a Salmon all within one day is synonymous with Scotland and is derived from the famous novel by John Buchan under the title ''John Macnab''. The challenge is highly prized amongst the sporting fraternity. Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland have developed the ultimate Scottish Salmon fishing challenge and experience, which rivals the famous "Macnab" in every way. The "Big 4 in 4" challenge, gives you the unique opportunity to fish on each of Scotland's world famous "big four" salmon rivers, the River Dee, Spey, Tay and Tweed on four consecutive days. To successfully complete the “Big 4 in 4” challenge, you must catch a salmon from each river.
This challenge can accommodate anyone from beginners to accomplished anglers alike. Our guides will be there to help, support and encourage you along your journey with their advice and experience, with the sole aim of helping you to not only achieve the challenge but also experience some of the most beautiful scenery and wildlife Scotland has to offer. Successful participants who catch this prized goal of four Atlantic salmon on the big four Scottish salmon rivers, will receive an engraved bottle of fine Scottish malt whisky to mark their amazing achievement. The malt will be selected from a famous distillery nearest to the river where the challenge is successfully completed and will be personalised alongside a photograph for you to cherish for a lifetime.
Even anglers that don't complete the challenge will have taken part in this unique experience and will have visited and fished on some of the finest rivers that Scotland has to offer over four consecutive days. Our Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland team will take care of you throughout the course of your salmon fishing challenge, from booking the most productive available beats on each of the big four rivers, to arranging transport (if required) and accommodation. One of our experienced guides will accompany you on your truly amazing journey, as you fish on each of the four rivers in four days. Each river will offer its own challenge, putting your salmon fishing skills to the test, but we will support you to achieve that goal throughout the entire journey. We will strive to make your experience one to remember for all the right reasons.
Imagine the possibility of fishing on the crystal-clear waters of the River Dee and then doing battle with the king of fish on the River Spey in Scotland’s whisky heartland, on consecutive days. After immersing yourself in the breath-taking scenery of the Scottish Highlands, travel south towards the mighty River Tay. The Tay is like no other Scottish salmon river and still holds the record for the largest rod caught salmon in British waters. Finish off your Scottish salmon fishing extravaganza in the midst of the gentle rolling hills of the Scottish Borders on the fabulous River Tweed, Scotland’s most prolific salmon river.
Or alternatively, turn the challenge on its head and fish from South to North, starting on the River Tweed and finishing on the River Dee. The choice is yours! Many anglers around the world dream of being able to fish just one of Scotland’s big four salmon rivers. We at Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland are able to offer you the unique opportunity of fishing on all four rivers in four days.
Don't worry if you feel that your budget may be a hurdle to achieving this mind-blowing challenge. We can tailor your bespoke experience around you. We can always be contacted prior to booking for advice and guidance, as our aim is to help you achieve the ultimate Scottish Salmon fishing challenge. Are you ready to take on one of the most exciting challenges in Scottish salmon fishing history? If so, contact us to book your "Big 4 in 4" challenge today with Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland.
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