Why do people go salmon fishing? If you asked a person in the street this question, that had never fished before, he or she would probably give you a simple answer along the lines of “To catch a salmon”. This on the face of it seems quite reasonable. However, for most anglers there is a lot more to salmon fishing than just catching salmon.
Most of the salmon rivers in Scotland are set in stunning locations. So, salmon fishing in Scotland takes you to beautiful places that you would not have even known existed if you were not an angler. This can appeal to many anglers as they can experience remotes parts of the country which are quite undisturbed.
Another reason why many anglers go salmon fishing is because it is so relaxing. You can forget the stresses of everyday life and be at one with nature. After a good day’s salmon fishing you feel recharged and refreshed. Probably this has a lot to do with the fact that normally you are in such quiet and peaceful surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
There is also a great camaraderie among salmon anglers. Friends for life can be made in a fishing hut or on the river bank. It is great to meet people from all walks of life and hear their wonderful stories and fishing experiences. Many salmon anglers are very generous with their knowledge and are more than happy to pass it on to any new comers in our sport.
Salmon fishing is also a great way to spend quality time with either your son or daughter. It is such a fantastic feeling to introduce the younger generation into our wonderful sport. Most anglers were probably once themselves introduced to salmon fishing by their father or a close family friend. It is great to see children enjoying the sport, as they are the future of salmon fishing in Scotland. The salmon rod is better than any games console joy stick, for children to hold and salmon fishing can often teach you valuable lessons in life.
Of course, when we consider why we go salmon fishing, we would be lying if also did not mention catching a salmon. All anglers want to catch a salmon when they go fishing but for most it is not the be all and end of the day. It is strange, but is usually these anglers that have the most relaxed approach towards salmon fishing and often seem to do the best.