The world-famous River Tweed is the most productive salmon river in the British Isles. Anglers catch over 10,000 salmon a season from this prolific system. The River Tweed opens in February and the season extends through until the end of November, making it one of the latest rivers to remain open in Scotland for salmon fishing. The Tweed is an excellent spring river and produces fish from the opening day through until November.

Perhaps the Tweed is most famous for is its prolific runs of autumn salmon, which draws people from all over the world to come and fish this legendary river. The months of September, October and November are all prime months when usually there are an abundance of fresh fish are caught. Salmon fishing on the River Tweed is a truly unforgettable experience and one that will make you want to return year after year. Why not consider the salmon fishing on the River Tweed this autumn? It will be an experience that you will never forget!