We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to fish on the fabulous Lanrick Estate Beat of the River Teith last weekend. This was the first time either of us had fished on the Teith and so were both looking forward to the experience. There is always something special about fishing a new river, which fills anglers with a great sense of anticipation. 

The River Teith runs through the heart of Stirlingshire and is formed by the confluence of two smaller rivers, the Lenny and Eas Gobhain. The river eventually flows into the River Forth, which is a prolific salmon river within its own right. The Teith is much smaller than the River Tay and is one of Scotland’s best-kept secrets. Many anglers refer to it as one of Scotland’s” hidden gems”. September and October can be prime months on the Teith as traditionally the river has had a prolific autumn run. The Teith also has a reputation for producing big fish especially towards the end of the season.
We arrived at the fabulous Lanrick Estate and were immediately struck by how secluded and beautiful a place we found ourselves in. It was so quiet and peaceful. We felt as if we were in a different world but in reality, the estate was located just a few miles from Callander.
We were greeted by the ghillie Grant. It was music to our ears when he said that the conditions were decent and there were a few fish in the pools. Grant advised us to use fly rods, which were around thirteen feet in length, coupled with a sink tip line. He selected a size ten Flamethrower fly for myself and a smaller size twelve Cascade for my wife, Samantha.


The Pool, Pool on Lanrick Estates

We started fishing on the fabulous Laundry Pool, which is the first pool on the lower beat. Samantha started in the tail, and I fished the run going into the pool. The pool looked very enticing, and there were a few fish showing. Unfortunately, we failed to spark any interest. Grant then suggested that we fish a pool called “The Pool”. When we go to it, we realised that it was aptly named.
The pool was the last pool on the Lanrick Beat. As we drove through the estate, we were struck by the beauty of our surroundings. This really was a salmon fisher’s paradise.
We had to walk along the Dam Pool to get to The Pool, and this looked a fantastic bit of water. Grant explained that if the water had been slightly higher, it would have been in perfect condition. To be honest, it looked great at the height it was, so one can only imagine what it would be like if the river was a foot higher. In the distance, we could hear a rumble of fasting flowing water, and we then came to The Pool. You could see why it was called “The Pool”. There was a big dam at the head of the pool, over which the water gushed. Grant said that because of this, the fish would always rest here before continuing upstream and you could see why. It was a truly spectacular stretch of water and one, which looked perfect for fly-fishing. I started fishing at the head of the pool, while Sam fished the tail. We saw a few nice salmon moving. Soon Samantha was into a nice fish, which put up a terrific fight. The fish was powerful and led her a merry dance running hard upstream on a number of occasions. Grant finally netted the nice fourteen-pounder, and after a quick photograph, the fish was safely released.

A nice River Teith Salmon

It was now almost lunchtime, so Grant showed us a few other productive pools that we might like to explore in the afternoon. We had lunch by the main hut on the beat, which was truly fantastic. The hut is located on a beautiful part of the river, boasting views over the fabulous Castle Flats Pool. We saw fish moving whilst enjoying our lunch. It was good to hear that the other party fishing the beat had also caught salmon that morning.

The fishing hut on Lanrick Estates

After lunch, we fished the Gean Tree, Castle Flats, and the Wee Pool. We saw fresh fish in each of the pools. While fishing in every pool, you just felt as if the fly line was going to tighten. The pools each had their own unique character making them a delight to fish. You could see from the variety of pools for anglers to explore, that the beat would fish well in most heights of water. We both fished hard until just after five, at which point we reluctantly decided to call it a day.

Just waiting for the line to tighten

We truly had a fantastic day at Lanrick Castle. The beat has everything, even for the most discerning of salmon anglers. When you combine the stunning secluded Scottish setting, with the mouth-watering pools and excellent salmon fishing, you truly have all the ingredients that you need for that special day.
If you prefer salmon fishing on a smaller more intimate river, then the River Teith ticks every box. With some lovely fly water to explore, coupled with good runs of salmon and Sea trout, the Lanrick Estate Beat is one well worth considering next time you are looking to book a few days salmon fishing in Scotland.