The Scottish salmon fishing season encompasses almost eleven months of the year. The first rivers to open in Scotland are in the Highlands. Rivers like the Thurso and Helmsdale open on the 11th of January. The mighty River Tay is not far behind opening only four days later. Most of the other rivers open in early February. As a general rule, the majority of rivers close their banks to anglers by the end of October, although there are some exceptions. Salmon fishing on rivers like the Tweed, Annan and Nith continue until the end of November, meaning that there is only one calendar month in which you cannot fish for Atlantic salmon in Scotland.

It is also important to consider Scotland’s climate before booking a holiday. In January and February, you have the chance of landing the ultimate prize, a fresh run Scottish spring salmon. With spring salmon stocks improving and more and more large spring salmon being caught early in the season this is becoming an ever more popular time to come to Scotland. However, because of the climate, fishing conditions can be challenging but the magnificent reward of a large early season springer is well worth the effort.

It can be difficult to generalise on which are the best times to come salmon fishing in Scotland as every year is different and much depends on the weather and water conditions. However, if you want to catch a spring salmon the best time of year to book your holiday would be between the months of March and May. For summer and autumn fishing the most prolific months are usually August through to the end of October. Regardless of the time of year, you book your salmon fishing holiday, we at Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland will ensure that you have the best opportunity of catching an Atlantic salmon by taking weather and water conditions into account. All you have to do is to let us know when you want your ultimate Scottish salmon fishing experience to begin and leave the rest to us.