The River Dee is one of Scotland’s “Big 4” salmon rivers and a fly fisher’s paradise. The crystal clear, fast flowing waters and the mouth-watering pools make it an ideal river for the fly fishing connoisseur.
For years, the Dee had been Scotland’s premier spring river. The Dee was renowned for producing hard fighting bars of spring silver on a consistent basis from February onwards. Unfortunately, in recent years’ catches have dropped and no one seems to be able to pin point the reasons behind this decline.

The crystal clear waters of the River Dee

In the past two seasons, the spring run has not been as strong as in previous years but catches in the summer months seem to have held up better.

A lovely River Dee springer caught last month

This season there has been a big improvement in catches compared to previous years. Indeed, the Dee has been consistently producing hard fighting bars of spring silver throughout the course of February and March, which is encouraging for the season ahead. Hopefully, this trend will continue throughout the course of the 2017 season.

There is a host of accommodation options on Deeside

Royal Deeside is a beautiful setting in which to salmon fish. The scenery is second to none and away from the river, there are plenty of things to do. The restaurants serve delicious local fare and the accommodation options are endless.

There are many other activities for the family to enjoy in the area

With the River Dee enjoying somewhat of a resurgence in fortunes this season, why not consider booking a salmon fishing holiday which encompasses the River Dee? You certainly won’t be disappointed.