We are now almost at the end of another Scottish salmon fishing season. Most of the salmon rivers around the country have now closed for the season and many of the rivers that remain open will close tomorrow. There are some rivers like the Tweed, Nith and Annan, which remain open for business in November.
Once the rivers close, the salmon are left in peace to do what nature intended them to do. Over the next few weeks the salmon in our Scottish rivers will start the very important process of spawning. The fish will makes redds in suitable areas and then go on to breed. Ideally there will be no big floods during the close season as this can have a devastating impact on the whole process, so lets keep our fingers crossed. A productive spawning year for our Scottish salmon will ensure that there will be plenty of good sport to be had for future generations and hopefully this will be the case.
For salmon anglers, the close season brings a time of reflection on the season that has just past as well as high expectations for the season ahead. Those of us that enjoy spring salmon fishing know how quickly next season comes around. Spring is a special time of year to be out on the river. Early in the season, in Scotland, the salmon are big and very powerful. This makes salmon fishing in Scotland during the spring months an enticing prospect. The season starts on some rivers in early January and most rivers are open by the middle of February. The spring season has been decent on a number of Scottish rivers over the past few years, so if you are thinking of coming to Scotland to salmon fish next year a spring trip could be well worthwhile. Productive rivers early in the season include the likes of the Dee, Tay and Spey amongst others. All these rivers have a reputation for producing fresh hard fighting salmon from opening day onwards.
During the close season, many salmon anglers dream about catching that monster spring salmon. Some are hard at work already preparing for next year by tying flies hoping that they can tempt that early season bar of silver. After all we all dream of catching that big Scottish springer. Hopefully there will be plenty of springers around in 2018, so everyone can enjoy some good sport.