Salmon fishing in Scotland during the summer months is a magical experience. There are so many different salmon rivers for the visiting angler to choose from. Many of the rivers vary greatly in character and size, each offering a unique challenge. Some of the rivers in the Highlands are small in comparison to the larger, more illustrious rivers further south like the Tay and Tweed. These rivers require a certain amount of stealth when approaching a pool, as the water can be crystal clear. You can often see your quarry in the clear water which makes the challenge of catching a salmon all the more exciting. Many of the rivers in the area can be comfortably covered with a single-handed rod, especially in low water. Rivers like the Thurso, Helmsdale and Brora amongst others all have good runs of summer salmon and grilse. Some of these rivers in the Highlands are spate rivers and a after a decent lift in water, sport can be both fast and furious. As the Highlands boasts some of the most dramatic unspoiled scenery in the UK, you are often fishing in breath taking, tranquil surroundings, with only the Red Deer, Golden Eagles and Ospreys for company!

A typical Scottish Highland River!

Away from the Northern Highlands; there are also abundance of options for the discerning salmon angler. Rivers like the Spey, Tay and Tweed amongst others, can all offer some terrific sport during the summer months. The River Spey needs little introduction in salmon fishing circles and is of course the birth place of the famous double handed “Spey cast”. The river runs through beautiful Speyside which is also known as whisky country, where the world famous whisky distilleries adorn the countryside. There is no better place to land a Scottish salmon and then celebrate your achievement with a wee local dram on the banks of the river.

Enjoy a dram over looking the River Spey.

Further south, rivers like the Tay and Tweed can also be productive. The mighty River Tay runs through beautiful Perthshire and has a big advantage over many of its counterparts during the summer months. As the Tay is such a big river, the water is never too low that fresh fish cannot run. Even when the river is below summer level, fresh fish can easily reach its headwaters and this is why the river is such an attractive option for visiting anglers. The Tay enjoys an excellent grilse run in July and August. In addition to this, there are also a good numbers of larger summer salmon that run the river at this time.

A nice summer salmon caught from the mighty River Tay.

The River Tweed is also another option. The Tweed runs through the gentle rolling hills of the Scottish Borders. In addition to the decent numbers of summer salmon and grilse, the Tweed also produces some cracking Sea trout. These are always a welcome distraction, especially if the salmon are not playing ball.

A cracking Sea trout caught from the River Tweed.

As you can see the summer salmon fishing options in Scotland and truly endless. During the summer months, the nights are long in Scotland. If it is hot and sunny through the day and the water is low, often fishing early in the morning and then again in the evening can be the key to success, as this is when the salmon are at their most active. If this is the case, there are so many other activates for all the family to enjoy during the day like mountain biking, golf and of course exploring the country’s famous whisky distilleries.

Breath taking white sandy beaches around Scotland.

During the summer months, Scotland’s deserted white sandy beaches are a sight to behold, as are the mountains and lakes. At the end of an enjoyable day’s sightseeing with the family, you always have the mouth-watering prospect of going back to the river in the evening and making contact with a hard fighting Scottish summer salmon. This is what makes Scotland a  perfect summer holiday destination for the dedicated salmon angler, as well as the whole family.