Summer is a great time of year to wet a line in Scotland. Traditionally the summer salmon fishing season in Scotland extends from the beginning of June through until the end of August. Usually, at this time of year, the countryside is full of life. The leaves on the trees are a deep vibrant green and the riverbanks are a sea of colour. 
June sees the first of the grilse and larger salmon start to enter our Scottish rivers. The runs of fish then gradually increase as we move through July and into August. During the early part of the season, as well as the larger summer salmon the grilse can also be quite large which means they can provide a terrific fight for the angler.
There are so many salmon fishing opportunities in Scotland during the summer months. There truly is a salmon river to suit all tastes. The rivers located in the Scottish Highlands traditionally enjoy a good summer run. These rivers are often much smaller in size compared to rivers further south. Rivers like the Thurso, Brora, Cassley and Alness, therefore, offer salmon fishing in a much more intimate setting and as with all Highland rivers, the scenery is breathtaking. Many of the rivers in this area fish better after there has been a lift in water as this encourages any fish waiting in the estuaries to run. If you are lucky enough to time your visit right then you can be sure of some excellent sport.
One of the most famous rivers in Scotland is, of course, the River Spey. This is the birthplace of the famous double handed Spey cast. The River Spey is another river which traditionally enjoys an excellent summer run. Summer salmon and grilse tend to enter the river in early June and runs peak in mid-July. So, this is another river well worth considering.
When it comes to summer salmon fishing in Scotland you can of course never discount the River Tay. The summer run on the Tay usually begins in early June and the numbers of fish entering the river peak in mid-August. The River Tay flows through beautiful Perthshire so anglers have a stunning backdrop when they are chasing summer silver. One big advantage of the Tay is that because it is fed by multiple lochs, the river is never too low that salmon cannot run. So even if the water is low on other river rivers there is always the chance of a fresh fish on the Tay.
There are also a good numbers of Sea trout that run many of Scotland’s rivers during the summer months. These beautiful fish offer great sport on a single-handed rod and Sea trout weighing in excess of eight pounds are regularly caught. Productive Sea trout rivers include the Dee, North Esk, Tweed and Teith amongst others. If the salmon are playing hard to get then a big Sea trout can often provide a welcome distraction.
Summer is a wonderful time of year to come and visit Scotland. The days are long and the weather is usually good. The salmon fishing opportunities are also truly endless with so many productive rivers to choose from. So why not come to Scotland this summer and chase some Scottish summer silver? It will be an experience that you will never forget!