The summer months are a great time of year to visit Scotland and fish for salmon. Usually, the weather is decent and there are no shortage of options when it comes to fishing venues. There are many good salmon rivers across Scotland where fishing in July and August can be productive whether that be in the stunning Scottish Highlands, the dramatic West coast or even magnificent central Scotland. There truly is a river to suit every angler’s taste. 
In Scotland, at this time of year, the days are long with it hardly getting dark. If the weather is hot and sunny then fishing unsociable hours can often yield rich rewards. If the water is low and it is bright then fishing first thing in the morning and then again at dusk can be particularly productive.
It is at these times when there is low light conditions that the salmon are most likely to run or sit in the heads of shallow runs. This is why it can be a perfect time to ambush them.
At this time of year, many anglers will come to the river at dawn which is usually around 4am. This truly is a magical time of the day. Often everything is quiet, and you can see an abundance of wildlife. If it is set to be a bright, hot day then effectively the best of the fishing is over by 8 or 9 am. Once the sun gets high in the sky it is best to leave the pools to rest through the heat of the day. By flogging away in such conditions, you are often doing more harm than good.
If you are on holiday and want to explore the local area, then this is the perfect time to do some sightseeing with the family and experience all the other delights Scotland has to offer, returning once again to the river in the evening.
As temperatures start to drop and the light begins to fade the chances of hooking that elusive salmon increase greatly once again. As the days are so long often you can start fishing again around 8pm or even later if it is has been a particularly hot and bright day. Spending a summer’s evening on the banks of a beautiful Scottish river can be a memorable experience. You truly feel at one with nature and there is no greater feeling when that line tightens and a big silver summer salmon leaps into the air in the gloaming.
The great thing about salmon fishing in Scotland at this time of year is that it can be so much more than just a fishing holiday. As often fishing unsociable hours gives the best results, during other times you can spend time with the family exploring the beautiful Scottish countryside. It is, therefore, a great all round holiday for everyone.
So, if you have not been lucky enough to experience the magic of a summer salmon fishing holiday in Scotland, this could be the year for you!