The River Dee is one of the most famous and productive salmon rivers in Scotland. The Dee winds its way through beautiful Royal Deeside past the towns of Braemar, Aboyne and Banchory before entering the sea at Aberdeen. 
The river is fast flowing in many parts and its crystal-clear waters make it perfect for fly fishing. Traditionally the River Dee has been primarily known for its spring salmon fishing. Indeed, fresh salmon are caught from February onwards when the river opens. Much during the spring months, depends on water temperature. Usually, in February and March, the most productive beats are downstream from Aboyne Bridge. As the water temperatures start to rise the fish tend to run further upstream and so beats on the Upper River Dee start to produce fish more consistently from late April onwards.
In recent years the Dee has produced good sport during the summer months. Many of the fish that run the river from June onwards are destined for the River Feugh which is one of the River Dee’s main tributaries. The Feugh itself is a good salmon river in its own right.
Towards the end of the season, fresh salmon can continue to be caught but these are mostly caught on the lower river. Given adequate water there can be some good sport to be had towards the end of the season for the visiting angler.
The tackle required to fish the Dee depends a lot on the time of year you are fishing. During the early spring months, a 14 or15ft double handed fly rod is usually ample, coupled with an intermediate on sinking line. On the business end, tube flies usually work well. During the summer months often, stealth tactics can be the key to success, especially in low clear water and so a smaller rod coupled with a lighter line can give the best presentation. So, a Switch or even 13ft rod can be more than adequate. There is an excellent well-stocked tackle shop in Aberdeen, Sommers Fishing Tackle and their helpful staff are more than happy to give visiting anglers advice on what to use and the best tactics at that time.
The River Dee is one of Scotland’s “Big four” salmon rivers and is visited by anglers from all around the world. Many anglers leave Deeside with big smiles on their faces and it is easy to see why. So, if you are planning a salmon fishing holiday in Scotland, why not consider the River Dee? You won’t be disappointed!