We have now moved into May, which is a prime spring month on many Scottish rivers. Before our eyes, the seasons are changing, as we move from the colder days of winter into spring. With the days getting longer, it is only a matter of time before we experience those magical balmy evenings of summer with the dark winter nights being a distant memory. Around us, the Scottish landscape is changing. There is more foliage on the trees and vibrant greens are replacing the dull greys, as nature has its relentless paintbrush out once again. May can be a magical month and a time of year when many purists of our sport start their salmon fishing season. With the weather getting warmer and river levels dropping, small dressed flies and floating lines can often be the order of the day. 
There have been some lovely spring salmon caught from many of Scotland’s rivers already this season and hopefully, there will be more landed in the days and weeks ahead. With a bit of luck, anglers will enjoy some decent conditions over the next month, so many more fishers can experience the sheer raw power of the hard fighting Scottish Atlantic Salmon.
There are a multitude of rivers to choose from when it comes to salmon fishing in Scotland in May. From the beautiful intimate rivers in the Scottish Highlands like the Thurso, Helmsdale and Brora to the larger rivers further south like the Dee and Spey. All these rivers can be very productive in May.
Anglers on the River Spey have already enjoyed a productive season. There is now a good head of salmon in the river and catches are holding up well. The Spey has produced a number of large fish in recent weeks including one weighing in excess of thirty-five pounds.
The River Dee has also started to produce fish on a more consistent basis in recent days. Catches have been well spread on the river with a number of fish caught being sea liced. Of course, the magnificent scenery of Royal Deeside provides a spectacular backdrop whilst salmon fishing on the Dee.
May can also be a prime month on the River Tay, especially for beats situated on the middle river. In the last week, there have been some lovely hard fighting spring salmon landed including a salmon caught on the fly weighing thirty pounds. Currently, the river is at a lovely height for fly fishing on many beats. As always with the River Tay, there is a chance of hooking and landing that fish of a lifetime. The Tay offers a great variety of fishing at this time of year to suit even the most discerning of salmon anglers’ tastes.
As every day goes by, more and more fish are entering our river systems, giving anglers the perfect opportunity to make contact with the king of fish. So why not wet a line on one of Scotland’s world-famous salmon rivers and experience some Scottish May magic?