It has been a very difficult time for many people around the world including the UK over the past few months. Very few people could have anticipated this time last year what an impact Covid-19 would have on all of us. Thankfully over the past month or so there has been some hope with the introduction of the vaccination programme. We now have a roadmap of how to get back to some sort of normality whatever that may look like. It does appear that in the next few months gradually much of society will be able to open up and we will be able to do much more of the things we enjoy. If all goes to plan and the vaccine rollout continues at its current pace and infection rates come down there is every chance that many of us will be able to enjoy a holiday over the summer period. With international travel being uncertain at this stage there is every chance that many people will be looking at booking staycations within the UK this year and there is no better place to visit than Scotland. 
As we move from spring and into summer it looks like people will be able to holiday once again in Scotland and will be able to chase that elusive Scottish silver tourist once again. June, July and August can be fantastic months to come salmon fishing in Scotland. Usually, at this time of year, there is a chance of catching a late running spring salmon, especially in early June. Springers are highly prized among salmon anglers and rightly so. Spring salmon are usually much larger than their summer or autumn counterparts. They also have fantastic fighting qualities which can lead to memorable battles on the riverbank.
June also marks the start of the grilse and summer run on many rivers. Once you move through June and into July many rivers have good numbers of hard fighting grilse and larger summer salmon running. Sport can be fast and furious given decent conditions. So which rivers could prove to be productive during the late spring and early summer months this year? We look a three famous candidates.
For several years, the River Dee in Aberdeenshire has been one of Scotland’s most productive spring salmon rivers. The Dee opens in early February. Catch numbers usually increase through March and April. Given adequate water, the Dee can also fish well in May and June. Usually, by this time of the year, much of the spring run has moved above Aboyne Bridge. The river is truly spectacular in this area with the breathtaking scenery complementing some potentially very good fishing.
Another river that can be very productive during the late spring and early summer months is the mighty River Tay. The Tay is well known for producing big fish. Indeed, in recent years there have been several fish caught from the river which have weighed in excess of thirty pounds. Late May and early June can be productive on the Tay. In some years nice spring fish are caught from the river through the early part of June, especially if there is a decent run of late spring fish.
The River Spey is world famous in salmon fishing circles. It is the birthplace of the famous double handed Spey cast. The Spey also enjoys a good spring run and some of the fly water on the river is second to none. Like the River Dee, the Spey opens in February and the prime months for spring salmon fishing are usually April and May. The Spey is smaller in size compared to the Tay which makes it more coverable with a fly rod. Grilse usually start running the river in early June and the summer run is often in full swing by early July. The Spey is firmly etched in Scottish salmon fishing history and is a fantastic option if you are looking to wet a line somewhere that little bit special.
A summer holiday may seem a long way away for many at this stage but as we currently move from winter and into spring there are some green shoots of hope on the horizon. If you are looking to have that staycation this year, a salmon fishing holiday in Scotland might just fit the bill perfectly!