When salmon fishing in Scotland we have a wonderful tradition of taking a break for lunch. This usually happens on most private beats. The purpose of lunch is not just to refuel for the rest of the day. It also gives the pools a chance to rest for an hour as usually nobody fishes between one and two. This can be very important especially if the water is low and clear and there is a chance that the fish can get spooked. 
Lunch is usually enjoyed in the fishing lodge or hut. Scottish fishing huts are a very traditional part of Salmon fishing in Scotland. Almost all the private salmon fishing beats in Scotland have a hut. Many of them are like palaces and referring to them as a hut is doing the beat a bit of a disservice. Many huts have full cooking facilities, electricity, changing area and some even have showers for anglers. Often the huts are located in strategic places on the beat, so anglers can enjoy wonderful views across the river whilst enjoying having a bite to eat.
The fishing hut is not just a place to have lunch it is also often the meeting place in the morning where anglers fishing the beat meet with the ghillie and discuss tactics over a coffee. After a day’s fishing anglers will often come back to the hut to say goodbye to the ghillie and see how other anglers have fared.
There are many beats on the River Tay, Dee and Tweed which have fantastic fishing huts. Probably it is the River Spey which has some of the most luxurious fishing huts. Beats like Delfur, Arindilly and Tulchan all have wonderful fishing huts which are nicer inside than many angler’s homes. The huts on these salmon beats overlook the river and offer splendid views of the water and surrounding countryside.
It is worthwhile remembering that a hut does not have to be luxurious for anglers as long as it serves a purpose. Some of the more remote rivers in the Scottish Highlands have basic fishing huts. These may only have a table and a few chairs. Although basic these can provide welcome protection from the Scottish weather especially during the early spring months. Early in the season the weather in Scotland can be very cold and windy with frequent snow showers. So as a salmon angler just to be able to get dry and have a bite to eat in comfortable conditions makes all the difference.
If you do come to Scotland for a salmon fishing holiday then take time to enjoy your fishing hut. It is a very special place and often the epicentre of the beat.