We have now moved into May, which is a prime spring month on many Scottish rivers. Before our eyes, the seasons are changing, as we move from the colder days of winter into spring. Having said that, the last few days of April were certainly a shock to the system as winter seemed to return to Scotland with a vengeance, as winds came in from the north and there were frequent snow showers, even to lower levels. Hopefully, with the days getting longer, it is only a matter of time before we experience those magical balmy evenings of summer with the dark winter nights being a distant memory.

May can be a prime spring month

Around us, the landscape is changing. There is more foliage on the trees and vibrant greens are replacing the dull greys, as nature has its relentless paintbrush out once again. May can be a magical month and a time of year when many purists of our sport, start their salmon fishing season. With the weather getting warmer and river levels dropping, small dressed flies and floating lines can often be the order of the day. There is no finer way to chase silver. Catches across Scotland so far this season have been decent and there is now a good head of fish in many Scottish rivers, making prospects for the month ahead look very promising.

Catches have been decent across Scotland so far this season

As every day goes by, more fish are entering our river systems, giving anglers the perfect opportunity to make contact with the king of fish, a Scottish spring salmon. If the last few weeks are anything to go by, May should be a productive month for many of our Scottish rivers.

Why not experience some Scottish May magic?

May is a prime spring month on many of Scotland’s rivers and time is running out to land that elusive 2017 spring salmon. There is no better feeling than catching that Scottish slab of spring silver and experiencing the fight of your life! Why not experience some Scottish May magic for yourself?