When you come to Scotland on a salmon fishing holiday, there are many options in terms of rivers to choose from. Most people enjoy fishing on the bigger more famous rivers. Some of these rivers have excellent tributaries, which are good rivers in their own right. Two rivers which probably have the most productive tributaries are the River Tay and Tweed.

On the Tay system, there are some excellent tributaries that flow into the main river. These include the Lyon, Tummel and Isla. All these rivers fish well after there has been a lift in water and can be very productive.

When it comes to the River Tweed, productive tributaries include the Ettrick, Teviot and Whittadder. The Teviot and Whittadder can fish well at any time of year, whereas the Ettrick is more productive towards the end of the season.
If your are booked to fish one of the big rivers during your Scottish salmon fishing holiday, and it is in flood, the tributaries can often be fishable, as they are the first to drop and clear. So, just because the main river is unfishable, all is not lost!