The autumn salmon fishing season in Scotland can be a productive time on a number of rivers. Usually the autumn period runs from 1stSeptember through until the end of the season. This can vary depending on the river. The majority of rivers in Scotland close by the end of October. However, rivers like the Tweed, Nith, Annan and Cree remain open until the end of November. 
Generally, at this time of year, the rivers have a good head of fish in them and are at their most populated. Some rivers have good numbers of fresh fish running. Rivers like the Tay and Tweed are well known for the big runs of autumn salmon. The salmon caught at this time of year can also be large in size. Many of the fish caught can weigh in excess of twenty pounds and some even over thirty pounds. These fish are usually very strong and have great fighting qualities. Many of the fish become more aggressive as they turn their thoughts towards the important process of spawning. Often the fish are more receptive to taking a fly at this time of year.
As with any fishing a lot depends on the weather. Usually in September and October there is more rain and if river levels rise this can encourage fresh fish to run upstream.
In terms of tactics for autumn salmon fishing in Scotland water heights and temperatures need to be considered. If for example the water is warm and low, then usually the tactics that work during the summer months will also work well later in the season. So smaller dressed flies coupled with floating or sink tip lines can be the order of the day. Conversely if the water is high and cold with regular night time frosts then you would probably consider using larger flies like weighted tubes. These are similar to what is used during the early spring months. Often you may also use an intermediate or even sinking line to get the fly down in the water column in the colder conditions.
Away from the salmon fishing the scenery around Scotland is beautiful during the autumn months. The leaves on the trees take on a beautiful colour with oranges and golds dominating. Overhead you regularly hear the noise of geese as they come to the end of their annual migration south. Red Deer start rutting in the fields all around. There really is no better time to visit Scotland and experience some great autumn fishing!