We as salmon anglers love the history which goes hand in hand with our wonderful sport. We all have a favourite river and in Scotland there are many salmon rivers to choose from. Whether it is the Thurso or Helmsdale in the Scottish Highlands or larger rivers like the Spey or the Tay each river has a certain uniqueness and individual charm. In addition to having our favourite rivers, we also have our favourite salmon pools. These special parts of the river have a place in our heart which evokes happy memories.
To have a beautifully illustrated map of the river you love with magnificent pictures of some of the famous pools is something to treasure.
Over the years Nigel Houldsworth has created some very detailed and beautiful maps of many of Scotland’s famous salmon rivers. The rivers include the likes of the Tay, Dee, Spey, Tweed and many more. The maps not only show the names of the salmon pools but also the names of each beat and beat boundaries. In addition to this Nigel’s maps provide a unique insight into the salmon fishing history of the river. There are many interesting facts about the rivers and pools as well as details of any monster fish caught. The lovely illustrations on each map of some of the famous pools and landmarks on the river really give you a feel of being on the banks of the river itself.
Nigel published his first map of the famous River Tweed which runs through the beautiful Scottish Borders in the early 1980’s. The only one done previous to that was by Maude Parker in the 1930’s and so was very out of date. Nigel’s maps grew in popularity fast and so he went on to compose maps for the Dee, Spey, Tweed and Tay and many more.
Being a keen angler himself Nigel regularly wets a line on the River Tweed. He also fishes on the River Spey and many of the smaller rivers in the Scottish Highlands. As rivers change when beats are split and pools get created this gives Nigel the chance to make any necessary changes to his maps and keep them up to date. When the salmon fishing season in Scotland finally draws to a close Nigel starts work on new maps as well as updating some of his existing ones. This is the perfect antidote during the close season.
For a salmon angler, there is nothing better than to have a copy of a map of your favourite salmon river which is beautifully illustrated in a frame pride of place in the living room or study. It can take you back to exciting times on the river that you have had in the past and maybe remind you of momentous battles you have had with salmon. Also, if you are fishing on a new beat on the river it is great to be able to study the beat on a map and get an idea of the geography of the river prior to fishing.
So, if you are looking to take away that perfect memory from your salmon fishing holiday in Scotland one of these maps could be just the ticket. It will ensure that your time in Scotland chasing the Atlantic salmon will never be forgotten!

You can follow Nigel daily on his Instagram page at: fishingmapsuk and if you are interested in viewing the maps he has published so far please visit: fishingmaps.co.uk