There are many destinations around the world where you can chase the Atlantic Salmon, so why should you choose Scotland over the others? The answer to this is easy really. When it comes to salmon fishing in Scotland, we have such a variety of rivers to choose from. In the Scottish Highlands, many of the rivers are small in size but big on character. These rivers allow visitors to experience salmon fishing in a much more intimate setting. Often, the rivers in this region are so small that a single handed or switch rod is more than adequate to cover the water.
There are also a number of larger rivers in Scotland. The likes of the River Dee, Spey and Tweed are much bigger than many of the rivers in the Scottish Highlands. Of course, the biggest river in Scotland is the mighty River Tay. They Tay is not only big in size but also big in reputation. If you are looking to have the best chance of catching a big fish during your Scottish salmon fishing holiday, then the Tay is the place to be.
Another big advantage of salmon fishing in Scotland is that we have such a long season. The Scottish salmon fishing season starts at the beginning of January on some rivers and can run through until the end of November. This means that you can fish for salmon in Scotland eleven months of the year. Fresh salmon enter our Scottish rivers every month of the year and this gives the visiting angler a great opportunity to make contact with that hard-fighting Scottish salmon.
Some the salmon fishing locations we have in Scotland are truly breath taking. Indeed, there are places that are so secluded that you will not see another human being throughout the course of the day. If you combine this with the wonderful Red Deer, Ospreys and Golden Eagles in our Scottish countryside you can see that we have all the ingredients to make it a fishing holiday for you to remember.
Away from the river bank, there are so many things for non-fishers to do and places to visit. There are also hundreds of ancient castles in Scotland to explore, allowing you to experience Scotland’s rich heritage. As well as this, there are famous landmarks like Loch Ness and Queens view amongst many others to cast your eyes over. Finally, you cannot forget our world-famous Scotch whisky. There are numerous distilleries across the country to visit and this can often be a welcome addition to your salmon fishing holiday in Scotland.
As you can see, it is not just magnificent salmon fishing we have in Scotland, we actually have everything. So, don’t leave it too long before you come to Scotland to chase some hard-fighting Scottish silver!