Scotland is not only a world class salmon fishing destination, but it also has some fantastic Sea trout fishing opportunities on offer. Many anglers that come to Scotland on a salmon fishing holiday, during the late spring and summer months also fish for Sea trout in the evenings and sometimes into the night. Some Sea trout fishing connoisseurs believe that pound for pound, the Sea trout is actually a better fighter than a salmon. This can certainly be the case, especially when you are chasing these magnificent fish with light tackle and a single-handed fly rod.
The prime time to Sea trout fish in Scotland is usually from late May onwards. Good numbers of fish can be caught in June and July and often this is a welcome addition to the salmon fishing. At this time of year, there is a lot of daylight in Scotland and in the highlands, it does not actually get dark. So many anglers enjoy a day’s salmon fishing, maybe have a barbeque by the banks of the river in the evening and then concentrate their efforts on targeting Sea trout. This truly maximises their time spent in the great Scottish outdoors.
There are a number of productive Sea trout rivers across Scotland. An added bonus is that these rivers are also excellent salmon rivers, so anglers get the best of both worlds. One of the most productive Sea trout rivers in Scotland has to be the South Esk which is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Angus. The South Esk is an intimate river which can has some fantastic fly water. It can be comfortably covered with a thirteen-foot fly rod (when fishing for salmon) and in low water conditions, a ten-foot rod is more than adequate. Sea trout run the South Esk from late May onwards, and numbers usually peak in June. Fish up to around five pounds are not uncommon.
Both the River Dee and Spey also enjoy a good run of Sea trout. There are few anglers that just target Sea trout on these rivers and often many of the fish are caught inadvertently, when fishing for salmon. However, the anglers that do fish at night have some fantastic sport during the summer months and head back to their fishing lodge early in the morning with a big smile on their face.
The biggest Sea trout in Scotland are usually consistently caught from the River Tweed system. Often fish well into double figures are landed. The Tweed can produce some terrific Sea trout fishing in June and July and some anglers specifically fish the Tweed just for Sea trout. Some of the Sea trout fishing on the river and its tributaries is second to none.
So, if you do come to Scotland on a salmon fishing holiday, don’t forget to pack a single-handed rod, as catching a big Sea trout can be just the icing on the cake!