The River Tweed is one of the most famous salmon rivers in Scotland. It is renowned for having a good autumn run of fresh fish. People from all over the world come to Scotland in September and October to the Scottish Borders to fish for the king of fish. Large numbers of hard fighting fresh Scottish salmon can be caught from the river at this time of year. An added bonus is that the Tweed is the latest river to remain open on the Scottish salmon fishing calendar. It does not close its banks to anglers until the 30th of November. 
In recent years the autumn salmon fishing on the River Tweed has been disappointing. There appears to have been a lack of fresh fish entering the river later in the season. As is often is the case weather conditions have also not been favourable during the autumn months during some years. After a big lift in water, the River Tweed has the potentially to get quite coloured and this can render the river unfishable for a number of days.
Last week saw heavy rain fall across much of Scotland including over the River Tweed catchment area in the Scottish Borders and this led to the first big spate of the autumn season. Over the last few days the water has dropped and cleared nicely and currently the Tweed is at an excellent height for salmon fishing. The good fishing conditions coincide with what is traditionally the prime time on the River Tweed. In the past October has been a prime month on the river with large catches being made and hopefully, over the next few days, plenty of salmon will be caught.
Looking at the current river levels any of the beats on the Tweed could be worth a cast in the upcoming days. Most of the beats are producing fish with the beats below Kelso being especially productive. The majority of fish being caught in recent days have been older fish with the odd fresh salmon being landed. Most of the fresh fish have been caught on the beats located on the bottom river (below Coldstream) and this trend is likely to continue until there is a further lift in water.
Hopefully, there will good numbers of salmon caught in the upcoming days from one of Scotland’s premier salmon rivers. With a decent weather forecast and good water conditions, anglers could enjoy some good sport over the next few days.