We are now in the middle of September, and some Scottish rivers are nearing the end of their season. On other rivers, anglers are hoping for a good autumn run to materialise in the upcoming weeks. Currently, conditions are decent on many rivers across the country after recent rainfall. Hopefully, this is exactly the catalyst that is needed for some good sport in the days ahead.

There was no shortage of rainfall across Scotland last week. Indeed, the first named storm this autumn hit the country last week. Storm Aileen brought strong winds and heavy rain to much of Scotland, and this led to a lift in water on many rivers, especially in the highlands. Further heavy showers last week across northeastern parts led to high water levels on many rivers in the area. Over the weekend the showers have become less frequent across the country, but there appears to be a distinct chill in the air. At least so far, September has not turned out to be the warm and dry which can often be the case. The salmon fishing prospects for the weeks ahead look promising.