Having salmon fished in Scotland for over thirty six years and both being very keen anglers, my wife, Samantha and I thought it would be good to share our wonderful experiences with fellow like-minded people. Just over two years ago, we decided to write monthly feature articles, which encompassed all aspects of salmon fishing in Scotland. These described some of the wonderful experiences that we had and are still having when salmon fishing in Scotland. It was from this that the website Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery (SSFS) www.scottishsalmonfishingsurgery.com was born. Originally, when the website was launched, it was just a hobby for both of us. We wanted the articles on the website to reflect how passionate we both were about our wonderful sport. After all, come wind, rain or snow, we can almost always be found on the riverbank every weekend during the fishing season, with a rod in our hand!

Husband & wife enjoying happy memories on the River Tay

Within the first six months of launching, the website proved to be a worldwide hit and we had readers in over 30 countries. In the past eighteen months, several of our magazine readers had asked whether we could give them advice on when to come salmon fishing in Scotland and where to fish. We designed a number of salmon fishing holidays for clients free of charge, which got great feedback. This was very satisfying as now other anglers could experience the same enjoyment we had from salmon fishing in Scotland.
Today SSFS has got readers in over seventy-seven countries and we have around 7.5 thousand page views per month. The website has taken off beyond our wildest expectations and we have our readers to thank for this. SSFS also has a strong following across social media with an average of 44K reaches per week on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.

An SSFS client tastes success, the smile says it all!

Towards the end of 2016, we decided to redesign the SSFS website to incorporate salmon fishing holidays. We were fortunate enough to gather a wealth of experience and diversity when it came to assembling our international world-class guiding team. Our team included both local Scottish and Scandinavian guides as well as female guides. In addition to this, we were also very lucky to have some excellent selected partners come on board. These included Lower Dess Estate, Fonab Castle Hotel, Angling Active and the Scottish Deli to name but a few. The redesigned website incorporating both the magazine and fishing holidays launched in March 2016.

The magnificent Lower Dess Estate

Towards the end of last season, there was excessive demand for our salmon fishing holidays. We therefore decided during the close season to launch another website dedicated solely to bespoke Scottish salmon fishing holidays. In early January 2017, we launched Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland (SFHS) www.salmonfishingholidaysscotland.com. In addition to this, SSFS has now become a group with three divisions. The SSFS Group encompasses Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery (SSFS), Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland (SFHS) and the “Big 4 in 4” Challenge. The SSFS website will remain in its current format, with the magazine being updated with different feature articles on salmon fishing in Scotland, on a weekly basis.

Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland

For both of us, our lives have changed quite significantly over the past eighteen months, with sixteen-hour days being commonplace. We still make time to pursue our wonderful sport and will always have an unbridled passion for salmon fishing in Scotland. The one thing that has remained unchanged through our journey is that the only arguments we have as husband and wife, centre on salmon fishing but that’s passion for you!
Tight lines,
Sandy & Sam