We have moved into November and the long balmy evenings of summer are nothing but a distant memory. The clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in fast. Around us, in the Scottish countryside the trees are almost bare. The once bright oranges and yellows which adorned our landscape have been replaced by grey but hopefully soon the rivers will be a hub of activity with spawning salmon.
Most anglers have now hung their rods up for another season. Some will turn their attentions to shooting, whilst others will pull up a chair at the fly-tying vice, looking to tie that mouth-watering pattern for next season. 
There are still a few rivers in Scotland that remain open in November and probably the most famous of these is the River Tweed. Other rivers which have produced fresh fish in November in the past include the Nith and Annan, so hopefully there could still be some good sport to be had.
Many rivers in Scotland closed in October. There was a general feeling that the autumn run in our Scottish rivers was disappointing. There were some nice fish caught last month but very few of these were fresh. The weather also did not help. We had two storms to contend with through the course of the month, as well as, frequent spells of heavy rain coupled with strong winds. This made water levels on many rivers very unsettled. As we all know, this can make for difficult salmon fishing conditions. One positive thing about there being plenty of water at this time of year is that it will be easier for the salmon to get to their final spawning grounds, so every cloud (and there were plenty of rain bearing ones over Scotland in October) has a silver lining.
In the weeks ahead, the fish will start doing what nature intended them to do and that of course is the important process of spawning. Hopefully, it will be a good spawning year and there will be no big floods as this can have devastating impact on this vital process. A productive spawning year on our Scottish rivers will ensure that future generations can enjoy the sport that we love today for years to come.
Some anglers will wet a line in the upcoming days hoping to get their rod bent one last time this year. If conditions are favourable then even some fresh fish could be grassed. As always, a lot depends on the weather and when it comes to November, the weather can be very unpredictable.
For those who enjoy early season salmon fishing during the spring months, it is not long before you have the opportunity to wet a line once again. Some Scottish rivers open for business in January and by mid-February the vast majority are open, so there is not long