We are now reaching the end of the Scottish summer salmon fishing season and many anglers are looking forward to what the autumn period has in store. Traditionally the summer season in Scotland runs from June through until August and the autumn season begins at the beginning of September and goes on until the end of the season. So far this season there seems to be a good head of salmon in many of Scotland’s salmon rivers which has been great to see. Many ghillies have commented on how they have not seen so many fish in their pools for a long time. This can only be good for the remainder of this season as well as well as future years. There has been some excellent sport enjoyed by anglers over the past few weeks with good numbers of salmon and grilse being landed on many of Scotland’s rivers. Let us hope that this a sign of what is to come as we move into September and beyond. 
In years gone by the autumn period in Scotland was the holy grail when it came to salmon fishing. On rivers like the Tay, Tweed, Teith and Annan amongst others, big catches would often be made. It would not be uncommon for anglers to catch double figures if conditions were favourable. It was not only the numbers of fish being caught that made fishing at this time of year so appealing but also the quality of fish. Many big fish were caught with fish weighing well in excess of twenty pounds not being uncommon. In recent years the autumn salmon fishing in Scotland has not been as productive as it once was but if the runs of salmon so far this year are anything to go by there are reasons to be optimistic.
Autumn is a great time of year to be salmon fishing in Scotland. The landscape along some of our famous salmon rivers begin to change. The leaves on the trees turn from deep vibrant greens to oranges and golds. The riverbank is awash with colour as nature has its relentless paintbrush out once again.
There are no shortage of options when it comes to wetting a line in Scotland during the autumn months. There is a river to suit almost every taste. The smaller rivers in the Scottish Highlands offer a more intimate setting. Given adequate water, many of these rivers can provide some excellent sport for the visiting angler. A number of the salmon rivers in this area of the country are open until the end of September and some even well into October.
There are also some excellent salmon rivers further south. Traditionally the likes of the Tay, Teith and Tweed are all excellent autumn rivers producing good numbers of fish. Many of the larger salmon are caught from these rivers during the autumn period. These rivers are open well into October and some even until the end of November.
As many of Scotland’s salmon rivers are at their most populated during the autumn months, it’s easy to see why this time of year can be so popular with anglers. There lure of catching decent numbers of fish coupled with the chance of landing that fish of lifetime can often prove too irresistible. So why not come salmon fishing to Scotland this autumn? There truly is no better feeling than landing some Scottish backend silver on the backdrop of autumn gold!