The autumn months are a fantastic time of year to be salmon fishing in Scotland. It is great to see the plethora of colours on the river bank at this time of year. The leaves on the trees change from the pale greens of late summer to yellows and then vibrant golds. On the Scottish moors, the heather transforms in colour into bursts of purple. The days start to get shorter and the nights cooler. There are also changes afoot in the river, as the salmon start to become more aggressive and their thoughts turn towards spawning. It is at this time of year that the numbers of salmon in our Scottish rivers peak and given favourable conditions; large catches can be made. In Scotland, the autumn salmon fishing period is classified from the beginning of September until the end of the season. The majority of rivers across the Scotland close their banks to anglers by the end of October, however, there are some exceptions. Rivers like the Tweed, Nith and Annan are all open until mid-November.

The Scottish landscape bursts into colour during the autumn months

If you are planning to go on a salmon fishing holiday in Scotland during the autumn months, you can be in for a treat. The salmon fishing options are truly endless as there are a wide array of rivers to choose from. Rivers like the Spey, Dee, Tay and Tweed amongst others can all produce big hard fighting fresh Scottish salmon during the autumn months.
Salmon fishing on the River Spey comes to a close at the end of September. Fresh fish are caught right through to the last day of the season. The majority of these salmon are caught on the lower beats around the Fochabers area, where sport can be prolific at this time of year. If you are looking for prime autumn salmon fishing coupled with beautiful scenery during your Scottish salmon fishing holiday, the River Spey could be the place for you.

Playing a hard fighting River Spey salmon

Like the River Spey, the lower beats on the River Dee can also produce good numbers of clean fish in September and early October. Fort a long time it was believed that the River Dee was only a spring river but this is not the case. This year anglers on the river have enjoyed an excellent summer run and hopefully the autumn months will also be productive. Normally the beats on the lower river can produce good numbers of fresh fish and so the Dee can be well worth a cast during the autumn months.
Over the years the River Tay has been prolific in autumn. Fresh salmon run the river through until the last day of the season, which is on the 15th of October. Catches last autumn were down on previous years but often autumn is the time of year when big catches are made. The best sport is usually on the beats situated on the lower river. It is at this time of year that these beats traditionally have their most productive period. However, beats on the middle river can also produce some good sport especially if the water conditions are favourable. There are not only decent numbers of salmon caught during the autumn months but many of the fish are large in size. If you are wanting to go for that biggie, then September and October on the River Tay is the place to be.

lovely autumn River Tay salmon caught in October

Probably the most prolific river in Scotland during the autumn months is the River Tweed. People come from all over the world to salmon fish on the River Tweed in September, October and November. The Tweed has a famous back end run which draws anglers back to the Scottish Borders, year after year. Given adequate water, it is not uncommon for some beats on the river during the autumn months to produce catches well into the double figures. If conditions are favourable, sport can truly be fast and furious. During September if water levels are low, it is usually the beats on the bottom river that prosper. As we move into October and November, and if there has been decent water, the beats on the middle and lower river start coming into their own. For many anglers, the idea of a perfect Scottish salmon fishing holiday, is a week in October, staying in the Scottish borders and fishing on the River Tweed. In fairness, there are worse ways to spend a week!

Autumn on the River Tweed

So as you can see, there are many salmon fishing opportunities in Scotland during the autumn months as several rivers do have a genuine back end run. As the salmon fishing season starts to draw
towards a close nothing beats having a few red-letter days on the river. With the landscape in September and October changing on almost a daily basis and with big numbers of Scottish salmon in our rivers, there really is a fantastic chance of landing some late season silver on a backdrop of autumn gold!