In recent days there have been good numbers of salmon caught from a number of rivers across Scotland. The catalyst for this appears to be the dramatic change in weather conditions. After a very long, hot and dry summer finally during the middle part of September temperatures started to drop. As well as this heavy rain affected almost all of Scotland and this had led to a decent lift in water on most rivers. This has resulted in many of the fish already in the river systems to be more inclined to take a fly as well encouraging fish lying in the estuaries to run upstream.
Catches on rivers up and down the country have improved dramatically. In the Scottish Highlands, a number of rivers have now closed for the season. However, during the last week of September the lift in water resulted in good numbers of fish being caught from rivers like the Helmsdale, Halladale and Naver amongst others. This week the Thurso River has produced nice fish on a daily basis and the River Ness has also been productive.
Moving further south anglers on the River Dee have enjoyed a productive few weeks. In September the river produced over three hundred salmon on a number of weeks which was great to see. With only a few days of the River Dee season remaining this could be the place to enjoy some good back end sport.
The River Tay has also been very productive over the past few days. Good numbers of fish have been caught from the middle and lower river. Beats like Dalmarnock, Newtyle and Kercock have produced fish on a consistent basis. Further downstream on the lower river anglers fishing on beats like Cargill, Stobhall and Lower Redgorton have enjoyed some excellent sport. The River Tay closes its banks to anglers on the 15thof October and so there is still some good fishing to be had. Currently, the river is running at an excellent height for many beats and as it is the River Tay there is always the chance of landing that fish of a lifetime.
Not to be outdone by the Tay the River Tweed has also produced some nice fish. The beats on the lower and bottom river have enjoyed the best of the catches. However, once there is another decent spate the upper river should start to produce fish on a more consistent basis.
After a long hard summer for anglers, finally we have some decent conditions and good numbers of fish being caught from our Scottish rivers. Let us hope this continues until the end of the season!