Often during the summer months, it can be very hot and sunny and many of our Scottish rivers can be quite low. These conditions can make salmon fishing challenging. In such circumstances fishing early in the morning and then again at dusk can yield the best results. This is because usually at these times of the day the light is lower and it is also much cooler. The salmon have more confidence to run upstream at these times and are often also more inclined to take a fly or lure. 
Thankfully so far this summer there has been no lack of water in many of our Scottish rivers. Indeed, July has started off as being quite a wet month. Over the past few days, a large area of low pressure has brought showers or longer spells of rain to many parts of the country. This coupled with the cooler weather of late has led to some great fishing conditions on some rivers with good numbers of salmon being landed.
Many rivers in the Scottish Highlands have had a lift in water in recent days leading to productive conditions. A number of rivers in this part of the country are spate rivers and so fish better after there has been a rise in water. Other rivers that have seen a good rise in recent days include the Dee, Spey, Tay and Tweed. For the likes of the Dee, Spey and Tweed this has encouraged more fresh fish to enter the rivers and subsequently, there have been some lovely salmon caught. The River Tay has also produced some consistent sport. In recent years the summer run on the Tay has arrived that bit later and instead of early July (like it once was), the main run of summer fish have entered the river later into July and August.
With many rivers around Scotland currently at a great height for salmon fishing, it has to be said that the next few weeks certainly look promising. There does appear to be decent numbers of fish in many of Scotland’s salmon rivers and so hopefully the good sport will continue as we move through July and into August.
All the recent heavy rain across some parts of Scotland has ensured that there should be good water on many of Scotland’s salmon rivers for the remainder of July and this will coincide with the main summer salmon run on a number of rivers. So hopefully there will be no shortage of good sport to be had in the upcoming weeks.
With self-catering accommodation already opening up and hotels set to open in the upcoming days in Scotland following the easing of lockdown measures, this could be the perfect opportunity to book a salmon fishing holiday in Scotland. There are so many rivers to choose from when it comes to salmon fishing in Scotland during the summer months. There are truly no shortage of options for the visiting angler. Couple this with excellent current salmon fishing conditions and decent numbers of fish around, you could have a very special salmon Scottish fishing experience!