If you are a keen angler, then the fishing opportunities in Scotland can only be described as mouth-watering. There is great salt and freshwater sport to be had on rod and line. There are wonderful remote Highland hill lochs to explore, which are home to some magnificent wild Brown trout and Arctic char. There is also excellent pike fishing to experience, with fish caught on the fly weighing in excess of twenty pounds. Our Scottish rivers have prolific runs of hard fighting Atlantic Salmon and Sea trout as well as native Brown trout. There is also a healthy population of Grayling in many Scottish rivers, which can provide some great sport on light tackle.

When it comes to sea fishing in Scotland, the opportunities are endless. You can fish from Scotland’s dramatic shoreline or a beautiful remote sandy beach, catching a variety of species including Cod, Mackerel and Sea bass. Why not charter a boat and fish for the legendary Scottish Common Skate? The Common Skate can weigh in excess of two hundred pounds and will give you a back breaking fight that will test your physical fitness as much as your mental toughness! 

When fishing in Scotland, you can truly immerse yourself in some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. There is also a plethora of wildlife to enjoy and experience.  While fishing, you can frequently see deer, otters and squirrels and high above you, will often soar the magnificent Osprey or Golden Eagle. Scotland is a wonderful place to fish, whichever species may be your quarry.  So if you are a fanatical angler that wants to experience fishing in its most purist form, set in unspoilt, tranquil surroundings, then come fishing in Scotland as you won’t be disappointed.