June was generally a kind month to anglers in terms of the weather. It was cool for much of the month but more importantly, there were frequent lifts in water on a number of Scottish rivers and this ensured decent river levels which is often the key to having good sport during the summer months. During the last week of the month, we all got a real taste of summer when warm southerly winds originating from the Sahara led to rocketing temperatures. Indeed, a temperature of thirty degrees was recorded in the north-west highlands. Thankfully the heat wave only lasted a few days before normal service was resumed with temperatures back to near average values for the time of year.
In the Scottish Highlands, the Thurso River was running at a nice height at the beginning of June. Loch More was also full which is some important at this time of year as this ensures decent water levels on the river for a few weeks. Fish were being caught from most beats with many of them being sea liced which was good to see. During the second week of the month, the good sport continued with some larger fish being caught weighing into the teens of pounds. As well as this the first grilse of the year was also landed. Towards the end of the month, fish continued to be caught in decent numbers with a mixture of late running springers as well as summer salmon landed. Prospects for the beginning of July look promising with good water levels in the loch and a reasonable head of fish in the system.
Catches on the Helmsdale in June were reasonable and having water helped. There were fish caught from most of the beats and it was good to see multi sea wintered fish landed. As the month progressed there were more grilse landed and hopefully anglers fishing the river will enjoy a productive July. Other rivers that produced decent numbers of fish in the Scottish Highlands last month included the Oykel, Naver and Ness amongst others.
Anglers fishing in the River Spey had a productive month. There was no shortage of water which definitely helped the cause with beats up and down the river recording some good numbers of fish. It was good to see both the Grantown Angling Association and Aberlour Angling Association beats landing some nice fish. Anglers on the Castle Grant beats also had some good sport. Further downstream beats like Delagyle, Rothes and Delfur had productive weeks with many rods seeing no shortage of action. Towards the end of the month, river levels started to drop but the good sport continued with beats like the Brae Water amongst others fishing well.
Conditions for much of June were good on the River Dee. There was a decent lift in water during the first week of the month and then subsequently two further lifts mid-June. This encouraged some fresh fish to run. On the back of these lifts, sport improved significantly. For two weeks in a row, there were over a hundred fish caught from the river which was great news.
Catches on the river were well spread from Crathie on the upper river down to Park. Many of the fish caught on the upper beats were slightly older fish but further downstream there were some nice sea licers landed. There were also some lovely Sea trout caught by anglers fishing the river. If water levels remain at decent height July could continue to be productive.
Apart from a big lift in water at the beginning of June river levels on the Tay were quite settled for much of the month. The river was at a great height for fly fishing. There were some lovely fish caught from the river and these were a mixture of late running springers as well as summer salmon.
As the month progressed more grilse started to be landed which was a good sign. Beats on the upper river produced decent numbers of fish each week but the bulk of the action was on the beats situated on the middle and lower river. The likes of Newtyle, Islamouth and Cargill amongst others all had some decent weeks. As we look ahead to July, this is often when the summer run on Tay begins to gain momentum and hopefully, this will be the case in the days and weeks ahead.
Anglers fishing on the River Tweed had a productive month with catches up on the previous year during the same time. The river produced some lovely salmon as well as some big Sea trout. Beats on the middle river enjoyed some good sport and this was especially the case on the back of a big lift in water during the middle part of the month. There were also some nice fish caught on the lower and bottom river. It appeared that towards the end of the month in spite of the low water conditions fresh fish were still running hard upstream. Given adequate water, the Tweed should continue to fish well in the upcoming weeks.
So, June was a kind month to anglers in terms of the weather with good water levels. There were some fine salmon and Sea trout landed from many of Scotland's rivers.
With good water levels on many of our rivers and encouraging catches in June, there is an excellent chance of making contact with some Scottish summer silver in the upcoming weeks, so why not have a cast? Summer is a great time of year to be out on the river and there is no finer feeling than a hard fighting grilse pulling at your string!