The most frequently asked questions when anglers come on a salmon fishing holiday to Scotland are; What are the best flies to use? What is the best lines to use? And of course, are there lots of salmon in the river? Our clients almost always ask these three questions within ten minutes of meeting our team, which is quite natural.
When it comes to whether there are lots of salmon in the river, that can never be guaranteed, as is always the case when it comes to salmon fishing. As we select the beats very carefully for our clients, taking the time of year and weather conditions into account, there is usually no shortage of salmon in the pools, on which they will be fishing, during their Scottish salmon fishing holiday. So, what about the best lines and flies to use? Of course, a lot depends on the water and weather conditions, as well as on the time of year. There is however, one key ingredient that you must have when salmon fishing in Scotland and this is something that money just cannot buy. What we are referring to of course is having confidence.
Having confidence in everything that you do when salmon fishing is key. Whether that be with regards to the beat that you are fishing on, the fly or line that you are using or even the fishing guide that is accompanying you, having confidence is vital. If you believe in a particular fly pattern or size, then it is imperative that you use it or at least give it a go at some point during your day’s salmon fishing. Subconsciously, if and when you have confidence in the fly that you are using, you will end up covering the pool more comprehensively and subsequently reap the rewards.
It is easy to see when watching an angler fishing a salmon pool whether they have confidence. When salmon fishers believe that they are using the right fly pattern coupled with the right fly line on a good pool, their body language oozes confidence. They appear to cover the water in a much more meticulous and methodical fashion. They also do not appear to be rushed when fishing and take their time whilst working down the pool. More often than not, they go on to hook a fish. Usually, this is not because of the fly or the line that they have selected but more because they have covered the pool so comprehensively. The main reason why they covered the pool so well is because they had confidence in what they are doing in the first place. As we all know, success breeds more confidence and subsequently more fish!