Catches on the River Tweed have picked up this week, which has been great to see. There are have been a number of fresh fish caught which bodes well for the weeks ahead. There has been a lift in water recently and this has certainly helped. Hopefully, this will be the start of a good autumn season on the river.

Traditionally, the River Tweed is the most prolific river in Scotland during the autumn months. Given adequate water, it is not uncommon for some beats on the river during the autumn months to produce daily catches well into double figures. The Tweed remains open until the end of November, making it one of the last rivers in Scotland to close.
Autumn can be a special time on the River Tweed especially if the water conditions are favourable. The Tweed can produce large numbers of fish during the back end, and sport can be both fast and furious. With fresh fish running the river through until the end of November there is always a good chance of catching a fresh autumn salmon.