I was talking to a ghillie on the River Spey yesterday evening who is a good friend of mine and he informed that he was told by the ghille on the beat below him that there was a massive run of fresh salmon coming through the pools. In fact, he said that it was the biggest run he had seen all year. This had to be quite something as the Spey has enjoyed an excellent spring run of fish. We have had a number of our clients this season, who we have advised to fish on the River Spey during their Scottish salmon fishing holiday and they have been very successful and loved the experience. 

Around an hour after the phone call my friend rang me to say that he had just landed a twenty-five-pound salmon which gave him the fight if his life. This has to bode well for anyone that has booked salmon fishing on the River Spey in the upcoming weeks or in fact anyone planning a salmon fishing holiday in Scotland this season. Let us hope that the salmon keep running our Scottish rivers in good numbers.