The River Tay is one of the most famous and productive salmon rivers in the UK. The Tay system itself spans across a huge catchment area. During the autumn months, salmon fishing on the River Tay can be particularly productive. Of course, it is usually the main river which produces the best of the sport but given adequate water, there are a number of tributaries which flow into the Tay which are productive salmon rivers within their own right. 
The River Lyon flows into the Upper Tay close to Aberfeldy. This is beautiful intimate river much smaller in size compared to the Tay itself. The river flows through picturesque Glen Lyon and has many characteristics to that of a small Highland river. Given adequate water, the Lyon can be very productive in September and October. Most beats permit fly and spin fishing for salmon and if you are looking for salmon fishing in unspoiled scenery this is the river for you.
Another tributary of the Tay is the fantastic River Tilt which originates high up in the hills above Blair Atholl. The Tilt is a classical spate river and is also small in size. It can be too high in the morning and too low by late afternoon, so it is about hitting it right. The river has a fantastic mix of fast flowing runs and small pots where fish often lie. After a good lift in water, the river can be very productive with sport often being fast and furious. Usually, a switch or single handed rod is more than adequate to cover the pools.
The River Isla flows into the Tay close to Blairgowrie. This can be another productive river on the Tay system. The Isla is larger than the Lyon and Tilt and often many of the fish caught from the river during the autumn months are fresher. Most beats on the river allow fly fishing and spinning and given decent water good catches can be made in September and October.
On the main Tay itself, it is usually the beats on the middle and lower river which produce the best of the sport during the autumn months. Given adequate water, the middle river can hold decent numbers of fish. Traditionally the beats on the lower river are the most productive. During the autumn months often large numbers of fish can congregate in the pools of the Lower River Tay and big catches can be made.
So as you can see there is no shortage of salmon fishing options on the Tay system during the autumn months. With the recent lift in water and still around three weeks of the salmon fishing season on the Tay remaining why not wet a line on the mighty Tay? You may just hook that fish of a lifetime!