In the past, late June and July were the prime summer months to come salmon fishing in Scotland. The main grilse and summer salmon runs would often coincide with Wimbledon fortnight weather permitting. However, in recent years there has definitely been a change in timing of the summer run on many of Scotland’s salmon rivers. It does appear now that the salmon are arriving that bit later to our shores. In the past few years, August and September appear to have become some of the most productive months on the Scottish salmon fishing calendar.
Given adequate water, many rivers around Scotland could produce good numbers of fish in the days and weeks ahead. In the Scottish Highlands rivers like the Thurso, Helmsdale and Naver have all been productive in August. Also anglers fishing on the likes of the River Spey, Dee, Tay and Tweed have enjoyed good sport in recent years. What makes August such a consistent performer is that usually there is already a good head of fish in many of Scotland’s salmon rivers and if there is some extra water fresh fish will join the resident fish. It also usually get cooler in August and after the long hot summer we have endured this year, this is likely to lead to productive salmon fishing conditions.
Usually towards the end of August and into September, the larger autumn fish start to enter our Scottish rivers. This is the beginning of what is traditionally the most productive time of the year for salmon fishing in Scotland. Rivers like the Tay, Tweed, Teith and Forth all traditionally have large autumn runs of salmon and at this time of year, large numbers of fish can be regularly caught.
In recent days there has already been an increase in the numbers of salmon caught from Scotland’s rivers. The cooler temperatures and lifts in water on some rivers have certainly helped. Hopefully, in the upcoming days, there will be some more heavy rain so the vast numbers of salmon waiting in the estuaries of some rivers in Northern Scotland can run and this should be the catalyst for some excellent sport.
If you are planning a salmon fishing holiday in Scotland in the upcoming weeks you should be arriving with confidence especially if we get some decent rainfall. Depending on which river you are fishing on you have a great chance of making contact with that elusive bar of silver. Let’s just hope that the salmon angling gods are in a favourable mood!