The summer salmon fishing in Scotland this year has been excellent so far. There have been good numbers of grilse and summer salmon caught from several rivers across the country and the prospects for the weeks ahead look promising. Many rivers during the spring period experienced prolonged low water but thankfully this all changed at the beginning of June when heavy rain across the country led to most rivers having a decent spate. This encouraged good numbers of fish to run our rivers. Through the course of June, the weather was mostly kind to anglers and there were regularly lifts in water, encouraging more fish to run on a regular basis. There is now a good head of salmon in many Scottish rivers and we are only into the second week of July.

A nice fresh Scottish summer salmon.

In the past, Wimbledon fortnight frequently coincided with large runs of grilse and summer salmon entering our rivers but in recent years, the summer fish started coming to our shores that bit later. This meant that catches steadily improved through July and peaked in mid-August. However, this year the fish started running from early June and they have just kept coming, which is excellent news for anglers. The good sport has not just been confined to one part of the country, as anglers on many rivers across Scotland have enjoyed decent catches.

Rivers in the Highlands have enjoyed good sport so far this summer.

 In the Scottish Highlands, conditions through June were excellent with rivers having favourable water levels. There were some nice fish caught from rivers like the Thurso, Naver, Oykel and Shin. Moving further south, the River Spey had a productive June and there have already been some cracking fish landed in July. Probably one of the most productive rivers in June was the River Dee. Anglers enjoyed an excellent month and there were large numbers of fish grassed. One week saw over 250 fish landed, which was an impressive tally. The quality of some of the fish caught were second to none with not only decent sized grilse landed but also several larger summer salmon. The prospects for the weeks ahead on the river look rosy.

A beautiful scene on the River Dee.

The River Tay and Tweed have also produced some lovely fish so far this summer. It was encouraging to see anglers fishing on the lower beats of the River Tay enjoying some success in June and this bodes well for the upcoming weeks. With decent lifts in water in recent weeks, the River Tweed has also fished well, which is excellent news.

A River Tay cracker.

Most children in Scotland have now finished school for the summer and the English school holidays are almost upon us. There is no better time to introduce the younger generation to our wonderful sport. Salmon fishing is a great past time for children to experience at first hand. Many of us were introduced to salmon fishing by our parents and over time the interest and passion for our sport has evolved. Some of us can remember spending countless hours with our father on the riverbank or loch-side fishing in the warm summer sun. It not only allowed us to experience a wonderful pastime but also gave us a chance to spend some quality family time.

There is no better feeling than introducing the younger generation to our wonderful sport.

July and August is a great time of year to come to Scotland and wet a line. The countryside is so lush and green and there is an abundance of wildlife to enjoy and experience. There are some magical evenings to be had, especially when there are fresh grilse in the rivers. Sport can often be fast and furious. Nothing beats that feeling of hooking into a powerful acrobatic grilse on the fly rod. With a promising start to the summer season and a good head of fish in many Scottish rivers, why not come to Scotland and experience some mid-summer magic, chasing Scottish silver? You won’t be disappointed.