So far this year, the summer months have been kind to anglers in Scotland. The weather has been unsettled and this has meant that there has been no prolonged heat wave. In addition to this, it has also been a relatively wet summer and this has ensured that water levels have been reasonable on many rivers. Regular lifts in water have meant that good numbers of grilse and summer salmon have already run our Scottish rivers. Indeed, it appeared that on some rivers, especially in the Highlands that there had been an early run of fish in late June and early July which was great news for anglers.

 There have already been some cracking salmon caught from Scottish rivers this summer.

 Currently, there is a good head of fish in many rivers across the country. Rivers like the Thurso, Dee, Tay and Spey all have good numbers of fish in the pools which is great to see and an enticing prospect for fishers.

The majestic River Spey.

Catches in June and July have been more encouraging. Several rivers have produced over one hundred fish each week which is no mean feat, with fishing pressure being light. It has not only been good to see the numbers of fish that have been caught but also the quality of the fish. There have been numerous larger summer salmon caught weighing well into the teen of pounds and above. This can only bode well for our Scottish salmon stocks for the future.
Looking ahead, August is a prime summer month on many of Scotland’s rivers. It is usually the when the runs of summer salmon and grilse peak. There is also a chance of getting some of the early running autumn fish towards the end of the month which are usually much bigger in size. There are a great variety of locations to choose from in Scotland when chasing silver in August. If you fancy fishing on a smaller more intimate river in a remote, unspoiled location, there is always the stunning Scottish Highlands. Here rivers like the Thurso, Alness, Brora and Ness can all produce excellent sport in August. If however, you prefer to chase your quarry on some of the larger Scottish rivers you can always choose to fish on rivers like the Spey, Dee or Tay. Anglers on the River Dee have enjoyed an excellent summer season so far this year and the fish appear to just keep coming with every tide. Prospects for August are looking very promising.

A stunning intimate Scottish Highland river.

In recent years, August has been the prime summer month on the River Tay when the runs of summer fish peak. In June and July, the river produced some lovely big summer salmon as well as some sparkling hard fighting grilse. As we move through August, more and more fish should enter the system with every tide giving anglers an excellent opportunity to make contact with that hard fighting Scottish bar of silver. 

August can be a productive month on the mighty River Tay.

If the weather remains kind to anglers over the upcoming weeks, it looks like August could be a very productive month. There is currently a good head of fish in many of Scotland’s rivers and numbers will only increase in the upcoming weeks, which is a mouth-watering prospect. Some rivers have already produced excellent numbers of summer salmon and a productive August would really put the icing on the cake!