When it comes to fly fishing for salmon, most anglers can be very pernickety when it comes to fly selection. If you stroll along the banks of a salmon fishing beat in Scotland and ask ten anglers what their favoured fly pattern is all ten are likely to give you quite a different answer. This is of course because we all have our favourites when it comes to fly colour, style, size and pattern. We often base our choices of fly selection on what has served us well in the past, using the experience that we have gained over the years. As we all know the best fly is the one which the angler can fish with the utmost confidence and one which remains in the water for the longest period of time. 
So much time, effort and thought goes into fly selection that we can often forget where our flies are being stored. Salmon flies are not cheap these days with some creations costing more than five pounds, so it’s important to keep our flies in something that will ensure they are dry and left in good order until the next time they are used. Ideally, the box that you use will be of good quality and will fit in either your jacket pocket or tackle bag whilst fishing.
In the UK there is one famous name that is synonymous with quality fly boxes. This is, of course, is Richard Wheatley. The Richard Wheatley fly boxes have been gracing the banks of salmon rivers and fishing huts in Scotland for well over 150 years. The company are still making fly boxes today using the same tools and traditions that have been used for decades and this has resulted in Richard Wheatly fly boxes being popular worldwide.
Indeed, there is a great deal of choice for fly anglers with a wide array of styles produced. Some are perfect for trout flies where as others are more suited for storing salmon flies, either the dressed or tube style. Most salmon anglers actually prefer the Wheatley deeper silver box and then they can choose which inner style they prefer whether that be with foam, clips or compartments. When it comes to storing tube flies the specific foam box is perfect as it not only stores the larger flies but in addition the double or treble tube fly hooks can be kept firmly in place.
This is a very special year for the company, as Richard Wheatley is celebrating its 160th anniversary. This is no mean feat when you consider how salmon fishing and more specifically salmon fishing tackle has changed and evolved over the last century. Salmon fishing tackle is almost unrecognisable from 150 years ago but throughout that period the Richard Wheatley brand has firmly stood the test of time.
To celebrate this very special year for the company, Richard Wheatley are launching a beautiful 160thanniversary box which will be engraved. It will have a unique aged aluminium looking finish and each box will be stamped from numbers 1-160. The box will have sixteen compartments in the lid and sixteen compartments in the base. This will truly be a collector’s item and one that will be sought after by any fly fisher.
The Richard Wheatley brand is one that most of us keen anglers have known from when we were first introduced to the wonderful world of fly fishing as children. Here is to another 160 years and to a Great British fly fishing institution that has stood the test of time!


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