It has been a decent summer season on many rivers across the country. In the Scottish Highlands, rivers like the Thurso, Wick, Helmsdale and Naver all produced good numbers of fresh grilse and summer salmon in June and early July. It did appear that summer run arrived earlier than usual. As we moved through July and into August the weather was kind to anglers as there were frequent lifts in water and this ensured that fresh fish to able to run on a regular basis. Overhead and atmospheric conditions were also reasonable for much of the summer period with no prolonged hot, sunny weather and this certainly helped. 

Elsewhere, rivers like the Spey and Ness also produced decent numbers of fresh fish. Anglers on the River Dee enjoyed some spectacular fishing over the summer months. There were excellent numbers of fish caught in June and July. On most week’s the river produced well over a hundred fish. In August sport slowed up somewhat but there was still some cracking fish grassed.
Decent numbers of fish were also caught on the River Tay and Tweed during the summer months and some of these were of excellent quality and weighing in excess of twenty pounds. On the River Tweed, the regular lifts in water definitely helped as it encouraged fresh fish to enter the system on a regular basis.